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The British Judo Association (BJA) is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Judo in Great Britain.

The Association represents Great Britain internationally and is a member of The International Judo Federation, The European Judo Union, The Judo Confederation of the European Union, The British Olympic Association, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Commonwealth Judo Association, and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

It was established in 1948 and was incorporated as a company, limited by guarantee in 1978.  It is recognised by UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland, Sport Scotland, the British Olympic Association and the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The BJA is a membership organisation and has expanded its network of clubs, qualified coaches and individual members throughout Britain providing access to the sport in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

It is a public company whose principal activity is the promotion and supervision of judo activities.

The Association’s executive staff and seven commissions address delivery of the BJA’s strategic objectives and other specific corporate issues.

Judo Tackle


Click here to find out current prices for membership to the BJA. When applying please enter our club code 8209 to be linked to Penrose Judo Club.

Martial Arts Students

Kids Judo

Children as young as 4 can start training in Judo. With a variety of grading systems in place depending on your child's age. They will work in a controlled safe environment learning all aspects of Judo. Building on core skills and discipline and respect for all.


Contact The BJA

Wish to speak with the BJA? Click below to be directed to their page.

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