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We started as a small Judo club in Helston 15 years ago which gradually grew over the years. Eventually it became clear we would needed more space to continue the club which lead to the purchase of 36 Wendron Street, our new venue.

The club now host's leading coaches in Judo, Ju Jitsu, and Karate and is producing some of the UK's next leading competitors and technical coaches

Our passion has now expanded to fitness classes including Pilates, yoga, kettlebells and free weights. 



The hall has a gallery landing with seating ideal for changing or a cup of coffee, a fully fitted kitchen is right next door so you are welcome to use this. Including one toilet upstairs. A new shower room with changing spot at the rear of the hall, suitable for disable access has recently been installed. This area will lead to the new gym that will be under construction in 2022.


In the main hall we have the largest permanent Judo training mat in Cornwall measuring 9x11m, set out with 2 competition areas. With the matted hall we have a large seating are for up to 25 people. Ideal for parents watching their children train and members waiting for their session to start.


We have very limited parking to the rear of the building, this is to be used for unloading only. There are street bays outside the hall that are council run so please check stopping times. Within a few minutes walk there are multiple council car parks that can be used. 

We have slots available to rent at the hall. Need a time during the day and evening? Weekdays and weekends.

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